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                                     Our practice concentrates on Commercial laws, Corporate laws, Mergers and  Amalgamations, Take-over, Contracts , Arbitration, Banking, Anti-trust, Consumer laws, MRTP, negotiating and structuring International collaborations, Anti-Dumping Issues, Joint Ventures, licensing and related transactions including Intellectual Property matters. We have helped quite  a number of pharmaceutical companies and other companies and individuals to take both Patent and Trade Marks Registrations  and have successfully prosecuted  and prevented by court injunctions against those Companies in  India who violate the Trade Marks and Patents. We also advise on patent and trade mark issues in commercial transactions.  As regards patents, India has, on December 7, 1998, become a signatory to the Paris Convention.  India is also a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO).   

                     To enhance the marketability, acceptability and reputation of  the goods and services coming to Indian market from abroad it is highly advisable to take both Trade Marks and Patent registration in India to protect from imitation, passing off and piracy.

                     We  focus on international work providing representation for companies and business people moving to and investing in India from all over the world and cooperating with foreign companies and businessmen willing to operate in India by providing them with all legal, accounting, management  secretarial  assistance.

                      If any investors/businessmen want to make any business enquiries or purchase any properties in India, we can help them. Please note that for the purpose of travel and Tourism business, a foreigner (non-citizen) can buy properties and construct buildings, purchase hotels, motels, buy heritage buildings ,holiday cottages, etc; Foreign investment can be up to 100% in Tea Plantation Sector and there is high potential for eco-tourism in this specific area which still remains untapped. India is also now emerging as one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Asia.



                 For businessmen, firms and companies  who are looking for a continuous presence in India , but are hesitant with the investment procedures or scared by the paper work  and other problems involved, we offer a  special service package . We can get our client's office registered in India with a permanent address and a person from our office will look after all the work according to our client's criteria on a full time basis or part time basis, according to the needs of our clients and in practice and in effect, ours will become our clients’ regional office in India. The entire secretarial support , communications  and if so required, marketing, planning and management will also be undertaken by us. They can contact us for any of their professional and business requirements in India. Our thrust is on Business Process Outsourcing providing one window  services which one will find it difficult to get from any other source in India. Philip’s& Co, a full-fledged law firm in India provides complete range of legal, business, accounting, secretarial, Tax Planning, Corporate & drafting plus conveyance services in India . Philip’s& Co  is uniquely positioned to ensure that your Indian dream doesn't turn into a nightmare! In fact, apart from being a licensed India based firm owned and operated by a team of well experienced Indian lawyers in close liaison with Chartered  Accountants, we are one of the few, if not the only one professional firm capable of providing every services  from pre-investment Tax Planning Advice, Indian  Company Registration, Property Conveyance right down to complying with all legal procedures. Further, within this section we have sought to explain the pros and cons of the various different structures so that you can take an educated decision as to what is best in your circumstances!    




Legal Transcription works are provided by Philip’s &Co in India for those attorneys who need  clerical work and transcribing of their legal documentation  needs.

We transcribe verbatim voice dictation, letters, opinions, court documents, testimony hearings, conferences and day to day business.

We provide secretarial assistance to attorneys engaged in complex litigation or just the daily needs of a busy law practice.

Our work includes setting up and maintaining legal case files and maintaining dockets of legal cases in process.

We prepare transcripts of hearings, all legal documents and letters when requested and maintain secure computerized files.

Work is performed under the supervision of Philip Mathew, a lawyer with vast legal experience and Sr. Partner of Philip’s &Co,  in providing quality services to overseas legal outsourcers



Arbitration, mediation, and other Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods are the clear choice when businesses are faced with a conflict - especially compared to litigation. Business executives have made ADR their preferred method of resolving disputes. ADR has several benefits: it helps business manage problems efficiently and economically saving time and money; ADR negotiated settlements consistently deliver fair, reasonable, and predictable results; and perhaps most importantly, ADR preserves vendor, consumer, and employee relations. In many businesses, arbitration and mediation replace costly, time consuming, and destructive lawsuits.

Disputes of all types can be resolved through ADR methods including disputes involving: general business; intellectual property; financial transactions; commercial and consumer contracts; employee/employer agreements; torts; real property; and dozens of other situations when business is asserting or defending a claim. Since every business relationship has the potential for conflict, the best time to choose ADR is before a dispute arises. Let Philip's &Co advise you on how to incorporate pre-dispute mediation and arbitration clauses into your contracts, agreements, and relationships. Smart businesses  plan ahead to have disputes resolved fairly, affordably, and quickly. Let us show you how your company can benefit from the affordable, accessible and reasonable ADR process.  




Our firm has a dynamic litigation practice in  Maritime Disputes. We have considerable expertise in dealing with cargo and marine labour claims as well as disputes pertinent to maritime collision, general average, salvage and marine insurance, on behalf of major  companies and P&I Clubs. Our services extend to the area of Maritime Criminal Law where we assist for protection from any crime related to the maritime activity.  



Philip's &Co has a wealth of experience representing corporate clients before the various administrative agencies in India .  Our decades of experience before administrative agencies give us an advantage when providing professional legal services to our clients.  



Our attorneys and professional staff are ready to advise all forms of business, including corporations, limited liability companies (LLC), limited liability partnerships (LLP), general partnerships, sole proprietorships and non-profit organizations like charities. We provide a wide selection of legal consulting services to our business and corporate clients , from large national business entities to sole proprietorships. We provide virtually every legal service a corporation will ever encounter from help establishing a legal entity through reorganization, sale and dissolution. Our business clients range from national firms to sole proprietorships, from heavy industry to state-of-the-art software developers. Our staff of legal experts routinely handles assignments that range from complex litigation to simple tax research. Over the years we built and nurtured long-standing relationships with clients, providing on-going, in-depth consultation that frequently goes beyond providing legal advice. Our attorneys and professional staff are routinely called on to provide expert help in areas such as product liability, creditor rights, labor and employment, financing, valuation, and taxation. Our client assignments run the gambit from the complexities of corporate merger to a simple tax question. As in every other area of our practice, we take pride in providing efficient, cost-effective services. We enjoy working with our clients and take great satisfaction helping them achieve their goals.

We invite you to capitalize on our years of experience. We can help you, as we have others, safely guide your business to meet your personal and professional objectives.  



Today, practicing corporate law is more of a challenge than ever before. Not only is the corporate landscape constantly changing, Central and State law and administrative rules are in constant flux. Philip's &Co has made corporate law a primary focus of our firm with key staff dedicated to this area of law. Over the years we have established trusted, long-term relationships with clients. Our staff of attorneys provides expert counsel and litigation support in areas such as product liability, labor and employment, and taxation. Philip's &Co has taken the lead in successfully defending clients from class-action lawsuits. As in every other area of our practice, we take pride in providing efficient and cost-effective services. Even with our no-nonsense approach, we enjoy working with our clients and take great satisfaction working with clients to achieve their goals.  




Philip's &Co specialize in representing clients who have creditor's rights issues. We know how to protect our client's commercial and consumer transactions. We provide our creditor clients a complete menu of cost-effective legal consulting options starting with State laws and Central consumer laws, designing loan security interest guidelines, and preparing loan documentation. Our creditor clients range from large national firms to sole proprietorships.

At Philip's &Co creditor rights counseling does not end with the preparation of loan documentation. Over the years we have established long-standing relationships with clients, providing on-going, in-depth consultation that frequently goes beyond providing legal advice. Our attorneys and professional staff routinely provide expert help in areas such as securing the client's interest in the transaction, contract negotiations, and the perfection of the security interests. Our staff is prepared to initiate appropriate steps to protect our client's rights in the event of default including legal proceedings. Depending on the wishes of our clients and the circumstances of the default, we will initiate mortgage foreclosures, confessions of judgment, and breach of contract actions.

Our attorney's and professional staff employ effective and creative measures to collect once we receive a favorable judgment. At Philip's &Co we are experienced in dealing with debtors who seek bankruptcy, we will represent our creditors in the Indian  Courts to insure our client's interests are safeguarded.  



Philip's &Co has a wealth of experience representing corporate client's litigation cases, including complex commercial, contract, real estate, and personal injury. We work closely with our clients from initial fact-finding throughout the entire litigation process. Our attorneys carefully consider every option to amicably settle all disputes at all times, avoid unnecessary litigation expenses  and to preserve the relationship between the parties. When necessary, we provide aggressive representation in all civil courts , criminal courts, High Courts and Supreme Court to protect the interests of our clients.  



We have the knowledge and experience to represent our clients in acquisition, financing, leasing and  exchanges of real estate. Philip's &Co represents both buyers and sellers in commercial and industrial real estate transactions. We have many years experience representing clients in land development, including obtaining permits, variances,  and approvals from state and local authorities. We act for private individuals both citizens and non-citizens  in those transactions involving sale , purchase and leasing of private property. 

Philip's & Co has developed relationships with area specialists who assist our real estate clients in a variety of ways, particularly in the sale and purchase of real property. Our attorneys and professional staff work hard to provide effective legal representation of both buyers and sellers in the sale of commercial and industrial real estate.